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Toyota HiAce Interior accessories

<img src="Air Conditioning Curtain

Air Conditioning Curtain

The Toyota Genuine air conditioning curtain is designed to increase the efficiency of the air conditioning in the HiAce cabin. The clear and grey-tint PVC curtain fits behind the seats to create a partition between the passenger and cargo compartments. This reduces the amount of space that needs to be cooled and has the added benefit of potentially increasing fuel efficiency. When attached with press studs, the air conditioning curtain can be easily removed to accommodate tricky cargo, or when cleaning the van. It can be fitted on its own, or in conjunction with a cargo barrier.

<img src="All Weather Rubber Floor Mats

All Weather Rubber Floor Mats

Toyota Genuine All Weather Rubber Floor Mats are tailor made to stylishly fit and complement the HiAce. Both mats have a hardy chequer plate appearance and a raised lip to contain mud or moisture. The driver's mat is secured to the vehicle's floor using two retainers to minimise mat movement. Easy to clean, they are a great way to protect the interior of your vehicle.

<img src="Audio Visual Unit with Satellite Navigation

Audio Visual Unit with Satellite Navigation

Find an easier route home with the guidance of the Toyota Genuine Satellite Navigation Audio System[N1]. Equipped with SUNA(TM)[G7] GPS traffic updates the navigation system receives traffic updates 24/7, so it can navigate alternative routes around traffic congestion and landmarks can be displayed in 3D for easier recognition. The audio system allows you to play from some iPod(R)[G8] and iPhone(R)[G8] USB[G5] or CD, and the full-colour touch-screen display features a simplified audio track search and album jacket display (for some iPod(R)[G8] and iPhone(R)[G8]) as well as voice control function that allows you to select audio by the artist name (for some iPod(R)[G8] and iPhone(R)[G8]) or make phone calls.

[G8] iPod(R), iPod Touch(R), iPad(R) and iPhone(R) are trade marks of Apple Inc.

[G5] Not all devices will be compatible and functionality will vary depending on the device.

[N1] Current navigation mapping database encompasses major capital and primary national road networks, as well as offering some coverage of regional areas.

[G7] Suna(TM) GPS Traffic Updates are only available in metropolitan Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney; it operates from information provided by Intelematics Australia and may not cover all road incidents and congestion. Please see for details.

<img src="Cargo Barrier

Cargo Barrier

Installing a Toyota Genuine Cargo Barrier to your HiAce will provide additional occupant safety when carrying cargo. Secured behind the front seats, this sturdy steel barrier helps confine cargo to the rear of the van, providing additional safety for occupants in the event of a sudden stop or an accident. Designed specifically for HiAce, the Toyota Genuine Cargo Barrier is the only barrier tested and approved by Toyota engineers to Toyota's stringent safety standards.

<img src="Cargo Mat

Cargo Mat

Made from heavy-duty rubber, the Toyota Genuine cargo mat is tailored-made to fit the dimensions of the HiAce cargo area. The one-piece cargo mat is designed to protect the floor of the cargo area from scuffing and scratching, and is easily removed for cleaning. Its non-slip surface, when used in conjunction with the correct restraint methods, helps prevent loads from slipping around the cargo area.

Toyota HiAce Exterior accessories

<img src="Alloy Nudge Bar

Alloy Nudge Bar

Designed to complement HiAce's style, the new Toyota Genuine Alloy Nudge Bar is Airbag compatible and has been thoroughly tested to comply with Toyota's stringent standards. This Accessory is made using manufacturing techniques that combine attractive appearance with strength and practicality. Its highly polished alloy components give protection to the bumper cover and components located behind it while its sturdy corrosion resistant powder coated mounts keep vibration to a minimum. Integral Driving Light mounts are also provided. Toyota Genuine Driving Lights sold separately.

<img src="Door Handle Paint Protection

Door Handle Paint Protection

Stone chips and scratches are unsightly and may reduce the re-sale value of a car. It's possible to avoid common scuffing and scratches in "high-traffic" areas on your vehicle. Toyota Genuine paint protection is a high-grade, colourless urethane film which is pre-cut to fit the door-handle cups of your vehicle.
<img src="Driving Lights

Driving Lights

When driving on country roads at night, Toyota Genuine Driving Lights increase your range of vision, giving you more of a chance to detect potential safety hazards. For anyone driving long distances, they are an essential safety aid. Available in round or rectangular, the Toyota Genuine range of Driving Lights are suitable for fitment to all Toyota Genuine Bull Bars.
<img src="Front Weathershields

Front Weathershields

Stylish in design, the HiAce Weathershield is made to add comfort when driving. Made from lightly tinted UV stabilised acrylic, this Toyota Genuine product reduces glare and helps reduce disturbance from the elements. Contoured for strength, Toyota Genuine HiAce Weathershields are fastened mechanically to the vehicle using steel screws and clips for optimum performance year after year. Right hand and Left hand Weathershields are each sold separately.
<img src="Full Technician Roof Rack

Full Technician Roof Rack

The Full Technician Kit (pictured) Roof Rack is sold as a comprehensive unit comprising of three aluminium crossbars, two ladder holders (for one extension ladder and one step ladder up to 3.3 metres when stowed as pictured, ladders not available from Toyota) with retaining straps, two key lockable security cables, one two-way radio aerial mount and a 4.5 metre conduit holder.
<img src="Headlamp Covers

Headlamp Covers

Protect your headlights from stone chips and scratches with Toyota Genuine Headlight Covers. Secured using mechanical fasteners and made from UV stabilised acrylic which is long lasting and impact resistant, they are removable for cleaning and have been developed and tested to Toyota's stringent standards to keep your HiAce looking good.
<img src="HiAce ParkAssist - Reverse Parking Sensors (4-Head Kit)

HiAce ParkAssist - Reverse Parking Sensors (4-Head Kit)

The Toyota Genuine ParkAssist makes easy work of even the tightest parking spot. Four discreet colour-coded, ultrasonic sensors mounted in the rear bumper activate an audio 'beep' in the cabin that increases in frequency the closer your HiAce reverses towards objects behind it. [B4]ParkAssist is designed as a driver assist device only and should not be used as a substitute for skilled driving and safe parking practices. The area into which the vehicle is to be reversed must be visually monitored by the driver while parking.

[B4] Reversing Camera, Park Assist, Sonar Parking and Blind Spot Monitor are designed as driver assist devices only and should not be used as substitutes for skilled driving and/or safe parking practices. The area into which the vehicle is to be parked / driven must be visually monitored by the driver.

<img src="HiAce Towbar with technician step

HiAce Towbar with technician step

This easy to fit Technicians Step is designed to allow for easier access to ladders and other items stored on the Roof Racks. Featuring a heavy duty design and anti-slip step plate, it also provides added protection to the rear bumper. The step bolts directly to the chassis without the need for drilling, and includes 2 x door mounted grab handles. Integral high strength and easily accessible dual chain points ensures full towbar functionality. Towball and Trailer Wiring Harness sold separately.

<img src="Standard Kit Roof Rack

Standard Kit Roof Rack

Tradesmen with lengthy loads will rely on the Toyota Genuine Roof Rack. Designed for versatility, the transverse track mounting system incorporated into the design of each crossbar allows the addition of various accessory attachments in a number of configurations to cater for individual needs. The three aluminium crossbars feature a rubber buffer to protect items carried while rounded plastic plug ends reduce the risk of personal injury. Made for commercial use, the Toyota Genuine Roof Rack for HiAce can hold up to 120kg (including weight of Roof Rack and Accessories). Economy Ladder Holder kit, Eye Bolts and Key Locking Security Cable (pictured) are sold separately as optional extras.
<img src="Towbar With Rear Corner Protector

Towbar With Rear Corner Protector

For greater rear protection for your HiAce, attach a Toyota Genuine Towbar with Rear Corner Protector. Designed specifically for HiAce and tested[G6] to provide 1000kg (braked) towing capacity for all models, this bar, constructed from large diameter tubing, is carefully designed to provide added protection to the vehicle's rear and corners whilst parking and reversing. Featuring a durable, corrosion resistant semi-gloss powder coated finish, this Toyota Genuine Towbar adheres to Toyota's stringent design and safety standards to ensure years of reliable towing. Towball and 7 pin flat, small round and large round Toyota Genuine Trailer Wiring Harnesses, developed specifically for HiAce, are sold separately.
<img src="Towbar With Rear Step And Protector

Towbar With Rear Step And Protector

The Toyota Genuine Towbar with Rear Step and Chrome Loop Protector provides generous towing capacity, considerable rear protection and an anti-slip step to assist with Roof Rack access. With towing capacities[G6] of 1000kg (braked) for diesel models and 1200kg (braked) for petrol models, this Towbar has been developed to Toyota's stringent safety standards including fatigue testing to simulate years of use. Towball and 7 pin flat, small round and large round Toyota Genuine Trailer Wiring Harnesses, developed specifically for HiAce, are sold separately.

Toyota HiAce Safety & Security accessories

<img src="Family Motorist First Aid Kit

Family Motorist First Aid Kit

Ensure you are prepared with the Family Motorist First Aid Kit. Designed by St John Ambulance, it contains family-sized quantities of each item and an Emergency First Aid guide. The Family Motorist First Aid Kit is handy for family outings, sports events and trips away. There’s nothing like having the peace of mind should someone need medical attention. The kit can be easily refilled should you use up medical supplies. You can also chose to add anything else that you need for your individual medical needs.

<img src="Personal First Aid Kit

Personal First Aid Kit

It's always advisable to have a first aid kit in the car because you just never know what lies around the next corner. Designed by St John Ambulance, the personal first aid kit features 16 different items, including an essential First Aid Quick Reference Guide and must-have medical supplies for the person on the go.